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Harness the high growth potential of AIM stocks

AIM Investor lifts the lid on little-known and early stage small-cap companies listed on the UK’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM), the most successful growth market in the world.

We believe small-cap stocks can form an important part of a well-balanced portfolio. Whilst these can be riskier than larger stocks, for a well-informed investor, the potential rewards can also be far higher.

Compared to their main-market counterparts, analyst coverage of AIM stocks is often very thin on the ground. With this in mind, we created AIM Investor. A service to provide specialist, high-grade investment research at an affordable price.

As an AIM Investor member, you’ll receive weekly reports from our analyst team, putting featured stocks ‘under the microscope’, delivering the key facts in an easy to digest format. You’ll also get regular updates on previously covered companies and the latest market news.

Attractive tax benefits

As well as offering impressive growth potential, investing in AIM stocks can also be highly tax efficient*. Since 2013, the UK government changed their rules allowing investors to hold AIM shares within their Individual Savings Account (ISA).

This means that investors who choose to hold AIM stocks in their ISA gain three tax benefits in one:

  1. No Capital
    Gains Tax
  2. No stamp
  3. No higher rate income
    tax on dividends

In addition to these benefits, certain AIM stocks qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR), making them potentially exempt from 40% inheritance tax (IHT).

*Tax laws may be subject to change.

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