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Here’s why over 90% of our clients renew their membership with us…*

“I would just like to record that since joining AIM Investor, I have been very happy with the excellent service that I have received. In addition the recommendations which I have taken up have been successful or highly successful which has made me even happier!!”

Neil, UK – AIM Investor Member

“AIM Investor have supplied a stream of good AIM share ideas which I would not have considered or even known. That is what I wanted. Indicating when to sell has given me real profit – I tend to hold on – but more importantly saved me from continuing losses. The staff are always helpful and a pleasure to talk to; queries are handled quickly by their expert team. An unexpected plus is that I often ask about my own AIM company searches – which is not in their brief – and they give me their opinion which I value, and saved me from a few false moves. I am pleased with their share selection and their staff….and my results! My best wishes.”

Adrian, Kensington – AIM Investor Member

“AIM Investor is a great source for investment opportunities. I have made several investments from the alerts and detailed analysis. The majority have been very rewarding. The portfolio updates are extremely helpful. I will continue to follow the first class service.”

Derek, UK – AIM Investor Member

“I’ve been an AIM Investor since January 2020. I’ve been very impressed with Regency, and found them to be very professional. Investing in the AIM market is by nature, riskier than some of the other markets, but AIM Investor have always been quite fair in their assessment of stocks, looking at both the upside and potential downside.  As with all stock, understanding the risks of their business model & future cashflows is key. The research that AIM Investor provides, has always been very informative in this respect. I have always found their response times excellent, and the content of their responses has been concise and right “on-the-mark”. It is clear that AIM Investor has their finger on the pulse of the AIM market.”

Steven, London – AIM Investor Member

“I would like to say that I have been extremely impressed with the service provided by AIM Investor. I would never expect every investment to make huge profits but the regular updates provide useful ongoing information to investors, who can then make value judgements. I would certainly recommend your services.”

John, UK – AIM Investor Member

“AIM Investor provides a great service with timely recommendations providing members with profitable investment opportunities and wonderful customer service from Rob and the team. Thus highly recommended for new subscribers.”

Ken, UK – AIM Investor Member

*Since the service was launched, 92.3% of AIM Investor clients have renewed their membership by request (we never auto-renew). All testimonials are provided by real, verifiable AIM Investor members.

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